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224 & 225 Lab Chairs

A Tech-Air technician’s chair built with ergonomic details to allow the technician to sit comfortably for hours at a time.This chair has a contoured seat which is adjustable with the aid of a handle activated air cylinder. Its back is adjustable to provide continual back support.

247 Four Drawer Cabinet

This four drawer cabinet is manufactured of heavy gauge sheet steel and finished in a durable, baked coating. Each drawer is equal in size.
Cabinet is 24" in width x 29" depth x 36 3/4" [61cm x 58cm x 93cm] to work surface.Work surface covered in Resistop material.
Shipped with 6" Backsplash, may be ordered with 6" Riser option.
Shipping Wgt.: 160 lbs. [72.6 kg]
Unit Dimensions: 24" in width x 23 3/4" depth x 36 3/4" [61cm x 58cm x 92cm]

247DL - In drawer liner/separator to hold plaster to stone.

235CS Casting/Soldering Bench

All the benefits of the seven foot long 235 Casting & Soldering bench shown above in a compact, ergonomic design. The unit comes
complete with a cutout and casting well, 3 drawers for storage knock-outs for air & gas connection, a 6" riser and two duplex outlets.
Available with a backsplash in place of the 6” riser.
Shipping Weight: 340 lbs. [155 kg]
Unit Dimensions: 48" wide x 24" deep x 36 3/4" high
[122cm x 62cm x 109cm]

TUX007 The Ultimate Extreme Modern Workstation

Handler Introduces an American Ingenuity European-Styled Ergonomic Lab Bench with Ultimate User Comfort.
Manufactured of steel in the USA with a variety of powder coated paint finishes:
Warm Gray, Colonial White, Designer Beige, Eagle White, Blue Heaven, Charcoal, Merlot.

American Ingenuity and affordability with European styling and ergonomic design.

The TUX bench comes complete with:
Wide screen flat panel monitor, data port, iPod jack and ear phone jack Suction and in drawer inlet with safety shield and magnifier

800 DEXTERITY 2000 Workstation

Handler has developed a new workstation to satisfy the ergonomic requirements of the laboratory technicians. The Dexterity 2000 Workstation is a modern, practically designed bench which is sturdy, comfortable, and durable.
Workstations available in 42”,48" and 60" wide. Varying widths are available on special order.

Mechanically Adjustable Height Bench 42"W X 30"D X 1 1/4" H:
Post Form Laminated Top.
Includes one 12"D X 30"W shelf, dust collector, light, two duplex outlets and knock outs for gas and air.
Shipping Weight: 500 lbs

311 Master Technicians Bench

The ultimate bench for the accomplished technician. Constructed of heavy gauge sheet steel, this bench is 74” wide x 24 1/2” deep x 32” high to the work surface [188cm x 62cm x 81cm]. This bench contains thirteen drawers, a 36” [91cm] electrical strip, 3” [7.6cm] suction inlet, air and gas valves and a Resistop work surface. Finished in a baked, durable coating.
The work area is designed to provide maximum work space for supervision and teaching.
Unit contains a 74” wide x 6 1/2” deep x 6” high vertical riser [188cm x 17cm x 15cm] mounted in rear of the bench.

256 Packing Bench

A packing bench utilized for general lab procedures. Manufactured of heavy gauge sheet steel and coated in a durable, baked finish, this bench has a myriad of uses in the laboratory.
It is supplied with a Resistop work surface, a 6” vertical riser and two duplex electrical receptacles.
Shipping Wgt.: 145 lbs. [65.8 kg]
Unit Dimensions: 42” wide x 24 1/2” deep x 32” high to work surface
[107cm x 62cm x 81cm]

235 Casting/Soldering Bench

A seven foot long bench designed for casting and soldering. This bench consists of one 35” [90cm] double door cabinet, one 24” [61cm] single door cabinet and one 24” [61cm] single door cabinet with tool area above door lined with transite for placement of torches and tools.
This cabinet’s work surface is covered with Resistop material and contains a cut-out with casting well.
Cabinet size: 84” wide x 23 3/4” deep x 36 3/4” high [213cm x 58cm x 93cm] to work surface.
Available with 6” [15cm] high riser in lieu of backsplash making bench 29” [73cm] in depth.

231 Plaster Bench

A seven foot bench built for use as a plaster bench. Bench contains one 35” [89cm] double door cabinet, one 24” [61cm] single door cabinet and one 24” [61cm] four drawer cabinet combined. Cabinet top covered with Resistop, built-in 14” x 14” x 6 1/2” deep [36cm x 36cm x 17cm] stainless steel sink with chrome plated mixing faucet, and adjacent plaster (waste) chute.
Bench constructed of heavy gauge sheet steel finished in a durable, baked coating.

215WS Pedestal Bench

A two technician pedestal bench containing five drawers for each technician, as above. Bench also includes a 60U dust collector for two technicians, two fishmouths, flexible ducting, clamps, blastgates and two lighted remote switches mounted on vertical risers.
Finished in a baked, durable coating, and supplied with Resistop tops. *NOTE: Gas and air valves as shown are at additional charge.

Shipping Wgt.: 450 lbs. [204.1 Kg]
Unit Dimensions: 42” wide x 49” deep x 32” to work surface
[119cm x 125cm x 91cm]


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