Handler Manufacturing - Over 90 Years of Service

Handler is committed to designing and building quality, durable and functional products at affordable prices to save our customers time and money.

For decades Handler has been providing the jewelry and industrial trade with durable, quality products at affordable prices. Over the years, Handler has cultivated a heritage of putting the customer first. This has and will remain our constant goal.

Handler has grown dramatically since the early days, when Edward Handler, a technician, realized a need for better, quality products for businesses. Ed developed new presses, polishing units and vulcanizers from his lab in Kearny, New Jersey. In 1957, George DeCourcey, our previous owner and president, continued our tradition by developing additional flasks, presses, dust collectors and polishing units. Today, Handler Mfg. builds a full range of products for the jewelry and industrial trade, including our world famous Red Wing Lathe and Polishing Motors. Handler has designed and now builds over 300 products, including polishing motors and polishing units, dust collectors, electronic handpieces, lappers, hanging motors, jeweler's hoods, and many additional products and accessories.

All design, production, sales/marketing, customer service and administration are located in our facility in Westfield N.J. Handler's production facilities include a full sheet metal shop and machine shop. This allows us to control our production processes and manufacture customized products for our customers. Handler's full staff of professionals are focused on providing the best service possible for all our customers. It is no wonder that the Red Wing Logo is recognized around the world as a leader in the jewelry and industrial business.

Since 1920, Handler has been committed to its customers. We will continue in the family tradition of personalized service to meet our customers' requirements. New and innovative products will be designed and developed to assist our customers to provide a better product to their customers. Durability, quality and affordability will be built into our products - saving technicians time and money. Handler is committed to serving the customer. We appreciate your support and business.