20 Tapered Chuck

A tapered chuck manufactured of steel alloy for use on 1/2” [1.3cm] straight or 5/8” [0.6cm] straight shafts. Available for the Left or Right side of a polishing motor, this chuck provides the user with a heavy duty chuck for use with buffs, brushes and lead centered accessories. Mounts with set screws.
When Ordering, please specify
20L 1/2” [1.3cm] 20R 1/2” [1.3cm]
20L 5/8” [1.6cm] 20R 5/8” [1.6cm]
Shipping Wgt.: 1 lb [0.5 Kg]
Unit Dimensions: 3/4” diam x 4 1/4” long [2cm x 11cm]