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  • Dental Lab Equipment

    A full line of Dental Equipment and Benches.Lathes and Motors, Model Trimmers, Dust Collection, Boil-outs...

  • Jewelry - Industrial

    Processing, Grinding, Polishing, Dust Collection and Benches. Red Wing Motors, Model Trimmers, Dust Collection, Boil-outs...

  • Podiatry-Audiology

    Podiatry and Audiology Equipment for in-office use. Sani-Grinder, Polishing, Chucks & Spindles, Dust Collection

  • Support

    Video instructions, Manuals and FAQs. Youtube channel that answers our most popular questions. Frequently updated.

HANDLER MFG is committed to building quality, durable and functional products at affordable prices.

Since 1920, Handler has been committed to its customers. We will continue in the family tradition of personalized service to meet our customers' requirements. New and innovative products will be designed and developed to assist our customers to provide a better product to their customers. Durability, quality and affordability will be built into our products - saving technicians time and money. Handler is committed to serving the customer. We appreciate your support and business.

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  1. Free Design

    Contact HANDLER or your dealer representative for a free lab design.
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    Send us a simple pencil drawing of the dimension of your lab.
  3. CAD Design

    We will design and layout your lab for approval in CAD rendering.
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    We will build your equipment per your lab and install. Ready to go.